Melaleuca Alternifolia

Tea Tree essential oil, also known as Melaleuca or Melaleuca Alternifolia oil, is one of the most widely used and extensively researched essential oils, making it a must-have for every home. Because the benefits of Tea Tree oil include cleansing properties and a refreshing scent, this versatile oil can be used for everything from home cleaning solutions to skin care.

Keep a bottle of Tea Tree in your house to make homemade household cleaners, air fresheners, and linen spritzers. You can also find a world of uses for Tea Tree in your personal care and beauty routine. Incorporate this moisturizing yet cleansing oil into skin care applications and hair treatments for a spa-quality upgrade!

    Melaleuca Alternifolia

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    Use Tea Tree for blemish-prone skin; it’s is a true multitasker!

    The purifying properties of this essential oil make it one of our top picks, especially for those who have oily or blemish-prone skin. Speaking of blemishes, try applying a drop to a cotton swab and use it as a spot treatment to help reduce the appearance of bothersome blemishes. This is one of the main oils in Young Living’s Maximum Strength Acne Treatment cream.

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