You are designed for greatness and a purpose, so why settle for ordinary when extraordinary is within you?!

That’s what Oola is all about! Put simply it’s a state of awesomeness. To elaborate, it represents a life that is balanced and growing in all the key areas of health and well-being, also known as the 7 F’s: Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, Field, Finance, and Fitness.

Why chase happiness when you can pursue Oola? In the words of the OolaSeeker, “Oola is not a quick hit, energy drink shot of happy that quickly fades when the buzz wears off or the bill arrives. Oola is deeper than happiness, more fulfilling.”

For many of my family, friends, and colleagues, Oola has become a rallying cry to be intentional in life and create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, and in a Timeframe) goals to go after our dreams, but also to achieve balance as we pursue these dreams.

First, please go to (or Young Living’s versionand take the free assessment! Figure out where you are right now in those 7 Fs and visually see where you need to set or maintain priorities.

Oola helps me be intentional in the 7 Fs!








Next, make an Oola Plan with a goal/dream to improve your current scores and tie it to one week, one month, and one year milestones. For example, if your OolaFinance goal is to be out of debt you may choose these milestones (one week, one month, and one year) to accomplish small steps to your larger goal …

  • in one week you will write out a monthly budget
  • in one month you will start an emergency saving account
  • in one year you will pay off ________

Learn how I work to overcome OolaBlockers and leverage my OolaAccelerators!

Then, get on your Oola Path to take action, track your progress, and find accountability! Keep this OolaPath before your face so each day you have a strategy for carrying out your OolaPlan!

I pray blessings over you as you pursue your God-given talents and gifts and realize your OolaLife!


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