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    Welcome to the 10-part intensive through the Propel workbook!

    – Everyone who participates can order the book at
    – All of the training videos are available below.


    *What are my responsibilities?
    -Purchase the book. Do the assignments. Succeed!
    – Learn more about income producing activities with an a focus on the three E’s – Enroll, Educate or Essential Rewards.

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    Personal development:
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    Part 1: The Company

    What sets Young Living apart?

    Clearly, we all LOVE Young Living! Can you simply tell someone why you chose YL, what essential oils are, or what they’re used for in less than a minute? Be prepared to answer questions from potential members succinctly and clearly!

    Part 2: The Experience

    Becoming a product of the product

    Are you a product of the product? Do you have a story? That’s what Part 2: The Experience is all about because 92% of YL members are only product users! Did you realize that members on Essential Rewards (yes, those non-business builders) comprise the majority of your commission! What keeps them coming back for more? There are people in your current downline who have said “YES!” before and need a reminder that the YL product line is more than just oils. #transferbuyingbaby

    Part 3: The Model

    Understanding the network marketing model

    “Our belief in a lifestyle, product, or idea makes us natural salespeople. We must get past the stigma that we have attached to sales. We sell or are sold to every day because we all have needs and desires that must be met.” page 8, Part 3: The Model

    Who is making ER orders and not receiving a commission? How can you help others increase their commission? Long distance is not a valid excuse any more. Host online classes (contact your mentor for ideas) and grow your team around the world!

    Part 4: The Why

    Know why you are building your business

    Let’s be real. Sometimes we have to do hard things that we don’t enjoy. Our WHY keeps us focused and doesn’t allow us to quit.

    Part 5: The Tools

    Create a plan for your business

    What plans do you have for the next six months? Start filling in your calender today.
    Here are some examples of my tried and true classes: 

    January – Winter Wellness
    February – Oils in the Bedroom
    March – Spring Clean Green
    April –  DIY with the PSK for Mother’s Day/Graduation Gifts/Brides
    May – Beautiful, Savvy Skin
    June – Convention Review

    Part 6: The Sharing

    How to share your passion

    In the Part 6: The Sharing video I show how I stay above the wellness line. The only way I learned was with practice, practice, practice … and more practice. Sharpen your pencil and inhale your favorite oil to stimulate your mind so you can fill in those line on page 76!

    Part 7: The IPAs

    Staying focused on Income Producing Activities

    Are you realizing that maybe some of your “business activities” in the past were not income producing? Awesome! Me too! Now we know, and knowledge is powerful! Apply Acceptance, Forgiveness, or Humility blends and move on, friend! Now you GET what activities will grow your business … focus on those today. A couple drops of Clarity and Present Time applied to the temples will keep you on track!

    Part 8: The Presentation

    How to present Young Living

    In the past 12 years, I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve taught about oils and YL products. Let me tell you, it wasn’t always pretty or income producing! Practicing helped me hone my presentation and close! The more you DO IT, the smoother and more effective you will be!

    Part 9: The Builders

    Leading yourself and your business builders

    Do you understand the roles and responsibilities of a YL leader? Are you committed to supporting and encouraging your business builders?

    Part 10: The Culture

    Developing your team’s culture

    YOU DID IT! Congratulations on completing this 10-part intensive! You, my friend, deserve the HIGHEST of FIVES!!! Yes, Part 10: The Culture may be the last portion of our study, but really you’ve just begun! Remember what Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business.” 

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