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Hello, Future Royal Crown Diamonds!

Thank you for registering for Road to Royal workbook study! It’s going to be an enlightening and inspiring six weeks for us all! You were designed by God for greatness, so let’s get started!



  1. Before you start on, you need to go to and complete your OolaWheel for free. This will come in handy during our goal setting. Please take a screen shot of your wheel and send it to me at info at You will eventually want to finish your OolaPlan and OolaPath, but it doesn’t have to be done before you start. Also, you can walk through the 7 Fs, Oola Blockers, and Oola Accelerators with my daily videos.
  2. You need an accountability partner for R2R! Maybe it’s someone in this study or your enroller or sponsor or mentor or spouse. Whoever it is, pick someone who will hold you accountable. A good accountability partner believes you can do this and will lovingly push you and not allow you to quit. When you email me your OolaWheel, add the name and phone number of your accountability partner please. I may or may not be checking up on you.
  3. Please set aside time to devote to this study. You will get out of this only what you put into it. I’d recommend about an hour a day. You may need more or less to accomplish the assignments and participate in the webinars. If seven hours a week os too much to devote to your personal and business development right now, I will be doing future R2R studies. However, I think you registered because you want this. You desire to pursue your passion.
  4. If you know me, and if you don’t you’ll quickly learn that I love oils, and I use them all the time! So you need to be ready to apply oils before, after, and during your study! Collect your oils now and keep them together with your R2R workbook, pens/pencils/colored pencils, and highlighter. Some oils I highly recommend to have on hand: cedarwood, frankincense, vetiver, Abundance, Motivation, Believe, Live Your Passion, Into the Future, Transformation, Oola Balance, Oola Grow, and the Infused 7. Maybe there are oils that really resonate with you and your Oola Field goals.
  5. Read pages 12-26 in Road to Royal



We’re on the ROAD!

Our launch of the Road to Royal workbook study begins today! Is your excitement is palpable!? Get ready for some “lightbulb” and “aha” moments to start happening as we fuel up with some basic, fundamental principles in the start of this six-week journey. So apply your oils and get started:

Monday: Watch the replay of the first webinar.

Tuesday – Read and complete pages 30-33. What is your Why? Can you envision the legacy that you will leave? Watch Royal Crown Diamond Debra Rabern share her WHY.

Wednesday – Read and complete page 34-37. Who are you? What’s your mission? Practice introducing yourself to at least three people. (Accountability partners come in handy here!) When you are comfortable with your introduction, go change your recorded voicemail message on your phone so it reflects who you are.

MIDWEEK CHECKPOINT – How are you doing? By now, you should be preparing to go into goal setting mode. Are you clear about how to set and make a plan to accomplish goals on pages 42-45? By looking at your Oola Wheel, you can see areas that need the most work or more intentional effort. So identify what you want to improve in Faith, Family, Fun, Friends, Fitness, Finance, or Field.

Think about the Oola Blockers you need to eliminate and the Oola Accelerators that can propel you toward the finish line! Use page 47 to write out some reflection you have from this process or things you’re determined to do well this time!

If you’ve never heard this speech from former football coach turned life insurance billionaire Art Williams, you will get his message “almost,” just DO IT until the job gets done!

Thursday – Read and complete pages 38-42. What sets you apart from the pack? Take your color personality test. On page 42, you’ll be asked to share it with your leaders. You can also put your personally enrolled product users there too.

Friday – Read and complete pages 43-47. Goal setting time! Be sure to follow the SMART steps that are in Road to Royal and the Oola book.

After you’ve finished, watch this encouragement from singer and songwriter Tyrone Wells.



We’ve covered a lot of ground so far, and this week you will work from pages 50 to 64.

Monday: Watch the webinar replay. I discussed everything from “In the Driver’s Seat” and prepared you for next week. What you learned? What is the vision you have created for your business? There was great feedback during the webinar!

Tuesday: Your Business Plan p. 50-54. Let’s imagine you’re you make the best chili in the world and your family and friends encourage you to open a chili restaurant. You decide you need a small business loan to get started. There is no way you would step foot in that bank without a plan for your business to discuss the day-to-day costs, the profit margins, your short- and long-term goals, and identify a need in the market that only you can fill. Right? You would do some serious planning and preparation! Did you know your Young Living business can be highly profitable if you prepare yourself to be successful? It will require a plan.

Wednesday: Before You Share p. 55 and Where do I start? p. 60-62. Make these lists and check them … more than twice! You can use the Member Spotlight template on page 103 to  create your own way to track these people once they become new members or follow the instructions on page 100 to access free downloads with your book purchase.

Thursday: Commitment to Success p 56 and Checklist p. 63. It’s getting serious now. Put a star and highlight the areas where you need to learn and grow the most. Do any of these give action to your OolaField or OolaFinance goals?

MIDWEEK CHECKPOINT! Income Producing Activity is all about FOCUS and this week on Thriving Thursday Diamond Jonathan Hopkins tackles this topic and even discusses Income Canceling Activity. Use these insights and techniques to be effective in this business, not busy-ness.

Friday: Action Steps p. 64. The rubber meets the Road to Royal right here!

This week, Kid President gives the pep talk!



Monday: Watch the webinar Get Your Motor Running! I add some notes to your workbook to beef up your plan during this call.  

Tuesday: Touring the VO, Enrolling vs. Sponsoring, and Finding new Members on pages 67-69.

Wednesday: Identifying Business Builders and Use Appropriate Language on pages 73-74.  If you want a more detailed explanation, watch Love it! Share it!

Thursday: Meetings That Duplicate 75-79

MIDWEEK CHECKPOINT! Watch the replay of Thriving Thursday on Enrolling New Members and see some techniques for guiding new members to the right kit or kits for them and helping them invest wisely in Essential Rewards.

Friday: Practice Closing by starting with the prompts on page 80. Then read Successful Follow-Up on p. 65. After watching yesterday’s video and practicing, are you excited for your next class? It’s time to enroll new members and help current members get on Essential Rewards!



Monday – Hit the Open Road Webinar will give you additional feedback and spur you into the next week. Be sure to start collecting pictures and words that align with your vision and inspire you.

Tuesday – Be an Overcomer on p. 84. Many times removing obstacles becomes that goal rather than overcoming them. Think of ways you have overcome obstacles in the past in other areas of your life and make note of them as an encouragement to overcome an future challenges.

Wednesday – Seasons of Your YL Business on p. 85. Watch Jonathan Hopkins share how he overcame challenges on his 12-year journey with Young Living, going from product skeptic to loyal user and business builder. Follow him on

Thursday – No More Excuses on p. 86-87. In addition to the leaders listed on p. 87, who are your five closest upline? What other leaders are in your lineage? If you trace your upline to Jonathan and Laura, then your direct upline includes Golds Brad and Hannah Johnson, Royal Crown Diamonds Max and Karen Hopkins, Royal Crown Diamonds Darren and Sera Johnson, Silvers Mike and Jackie Woeful, Diamond Karen Douglas, and Royal Crown Diamond Debra Raybern. Beyond that, your high-achieving lineage includes Crown Diamond Shauna Dastrop (Sha-Faun Enterprises), Royal Crown Diamond Jeanmarie Hepworth, Royal Crown Diamonds Gregg and Carol Johnson, and Royal Crown Diamond Marcella Vonn Harting.

MIDWEEK CHECKPOINT! Would you like to stand out on social media? Do you want others to “like” your posts and become your new YL members? Are you ready to see profitable results from online action? In this Thriving Thursday webinar replay, learn how the always clever and witty Madison Goodyear, a wife, mom, and YL Platinum exhibits social media savvy.

Friday – My Greatest Success on p. 88. Debra suggests using the Abundance blend every morning. If you don’t have it, put it on your next order. Then, watch this Art Williams video again. This is the application! When you hear us say we’ve gone Silver over and over again just at higher OGVs, this is what we mean. We repeat the same successful, income producing activities over and over and over and over and … you get the picture? And you can do it too!



Monday Replay the webinar Fixing Flats and Avoid Potholes. Also, watch Debra Raybern tell her story and how she eliminated excuses.  

Tuesday – What Do I Teach New Leaders? and Contests and Incentives on p. 92-93.

Wednesday – It’s important to Recognize and Appreciate Your Team Members (p. 94), but the way you want to recognize and appreciate people may be different from the way that they want to be recognized and appreciated. To learn more about love languages and identify your team member’s languages too.

Thursday – Check out the Home-Based Business Accounting Tips p. 95-96 and begin to keep a log of your business expenses. Use your calendar to go back and see events or purchases that you can use for deductions.

MIDWEEK CHECKPOINT! There are two good webinars on Thrivensity (under Leadership) that coincide with Thursday’s assignment. Accountant Paul Alexander discusses the basics of taxes with Royal Crown Diamond Sera Johnson. You will need to add your email address to access it. Tax Topics with Jonathan Hopkins will provide much of the same information in layman’s terms.

Friday – It’s time to reflect. It’s time to dream! It’s time to DO IT! Complete When Will You Be Royal Crown Diamond? on p. 97. Now start working on your dream/vision board. Here’s a great video on how to get started! You want to think about your Oola Goals and the things you want to manifest in your life.  Incorporate all 7 Fs of Oola! When you finish, place the board where you will see it every day, multiple times a day. Then, take a photo of it and have it on your phone and computer … maybe you even want to make it your screen saver! Have it ready to show on the Celebration webinar on Monday, March 13!



Monday – Replay the webinar and find out who our special guest will be during next Monday’s webinar! 

Tuesday – Download and print out blank forms from Growing Healthy Homes. See the page after the Resource Section title page for instructions.

Wednesday – Finish gathering all you need for your Vision Board and complete it!

Thursday – Send an email to your accountability partner, your upline Silver and above leader(s), and info at with your  dates from page 97, When Will You Be Royal Crown Diamond?

Friday –  Watch this video with to see everyone’s vision boards and hear author and Royal Crown Diamond, Debra Raybern as she further expounds on her book and encourages you to continue on this Road. Remember … what does your Oola Life look like? You can get there and enjoy the trip too! Are you ready to take action? Be grateful and have faith. Life is an awesome journey, and you are going to crush it!



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